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MM Series
Part Number - MCSM-6
Our Price... $135.00
  • MCSM-6 - Miniature Uni-directional {Croakie} Stereo Mic


    MM Series MCSM-6

    MM Series MCSM-6
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    MCSM-6 - Miniature Uni-directional {Croakie} Stereo Mic
    The MCSM-6 is a croakie mounted microphone option of the MM-MCSM-5.
    Features & Benefits:
    -Flat frequency response
    -Can be used with one of our battery modules or plugged directly into your recorder.
    The MCSM-6 microphone capsules are completely and permanently mounted inside suiter style croakies. These croakies will mount into standard thickness eyeglass frames.

    The MCSM-6 microphone elements have been strategically mounted inside two brass cylinders that have been modified and designed for maximum recording saturation! Exterior of cylinders have been tightly enclosed in a durable rubber coating.

    If your recorder does not provide a bias voltage or if you want to feed your recorders line inputs to avoid overloading your recorder's mic pre-amplifier, you can use one of our Battery Modules ( check out our Battery-Module Section).

    Battery Modules will power the microphones with optimum power ( 9 volts D.C ), increase dynamic range and enable the mics to handle higher (SPL) sound pressure levels ( loud sounds ) without distortion.

    More Information:
    -Eyeglasses are not included.
    -Must specify color of croakies. Croakies are available in gray/black or just plain black.
    Technical Specifications:
    Frequency response: 20- 20,000 Hz
    • Signal to noise ratio: 58dB, 1khz at 1pa
    • Open circuit sensitivity : -42dB (5.6 mv) re 1v at 1pa
    • Dynamic range: 90dB, 1kHz
    • Maximum Input Sound Level: 108dB SPL