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Part Number - DKW-3 LT/O
Our Price... $59.99
  • omni-directional condenser


    Nady DKW-3 LT/O

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    Nady DKW-3 LT/O
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    omni-directional condenser
    The DKW-3 offers a choice of an HT handheld microphone transmitter; WLT transmitter with lavalier clip-on microphone (LT); or a WGT transmitter for wireless instrument operation (GT).
    Features & Benefits:
    • Ideal entry-level systems — all the advantages and freedom of wireless operation without cumbersome cords
    • Excellent high-fidelity audio
    • VHF (170-216 MHz) operations for reliable, interference-free performance
    • 150+ ft. typical operating range — up to 300+ ft. line-of-sight
    • Easy to use — simply plug into your audio mixer or amplifier in place of your wired microphone or instrument
    • Advanced audio processing circuitry for a wide dynamic range — no overloading for loud inputs or background hiss during quiet use
    • Complete controls and connections for easy operation
    • Front panel Power On/Off switch and Power On LED
    • Back panel ¼” audio output jack and DC power input jack for supplied AC/DC adaptor
    • Special circuitry to eliminate transmitter on/off “pop” noise
    WLT/WGT Bodypack Transmitters:
    • Choice of instrument, Headmic™ or lapel microphone bodypack transmitter for use with LM-14O omnidirectional or LM-14U unidirectional lapel microphone or Headmic™ Series microphones
    • Off/Standby/On switch allows convenient audio muting with the transmitter on
    • Input level adjust
    • Locking 3.5mm jack
    • LED status indicator flashes once for unit on, lights steady for low-battery alert
    What's Included:
    • One DKW-3 Receiver
    • One WLT Bodypack Transmitter
    • One LM-14 Omni-directional Lapel Mic