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Anchor Audio LIB-7500M

Built-in MP3 Player

Product Code: ANCHOR LIB-7500M

Brand: Anchor Audio

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Product Group:Anchor Audio Liberty Series

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Anchor Audio LIB-7500M Products


  • True AC/DC, 110/220 Power Supply
  • Two Universal Mic Input Jacks
  • 10" Driver
  • UV Treated - Fade Resistant Case
  • Voice Over "Music Ducking Feature"
  • Built-in MP3 and UHF Receiver Options - 16 User-Selectable Channels (up to two receivers)
  • User Replaceable Batteries
  • Bass and Treble Controls
  • 12 Volt DC Output
  • 1/4" Speaker Output, 1/4" Line Output
  • External Speaker Output Powers Companion Speaker
  • 2 XLR Balanced Mic Inputs
  • 1/4" Line Input
  • Charging LED Bar Indicator
  • USB Port for Charging MP3/iPod
  • Recessed Back Panel Protects Knobs and Ports

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    Anchor Audio LIB-7500M


    For twenty years Anchor Audio's Liberty has set the standard in the portable Sound system market. Building on the reputation of its battery powered performance and portability, the Liberty Platinum comes to light. Where will you find the Liberty Platinum? At a press conference at the White House. On the Track at the Special Olympics. In the gym for a pep rally. On an aircraft Carrier for surprise presidential visits. Some companies may say they have portable Sound systems, but are you truly potable if you're tethered to an extension cord? Just how long is that cord? With a battery powered Liberty Platinum you won't be tied to a power cord, and you can take your Sound system anywhere with ease.


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    Anchor Audio LIB-7500M




    Built-in MP3 Player