Nady UHF4-Series-Nady

Single channel UHF Diversity wireless systems

Nady UHF4-Series-Nady Products

Nady UH-4


Handheld microphone transmitter (Nady DM-10D standard, inquire re optional cartridges)

Nady UHF-4 GT


Bodypack instrument for Guitar systems

Nady UHF-4 HT


Wireless Cardiod dynamic microphone with receiver.

Nady UHF-4 LT/HM-1


Unidirectional dynamic headset microphone

Nady UHF-4 LT/HM-10


Omni-directional condenser headset system

Nady UHF-4 LT/HM-20U


uni-directional condenser

Nady UHF-4 LT/HM-3


Unidirectional condenser headset microphone

Nady UHF-4 LT/HM-35


over ear omni-directional condenser

Nady UHF-4 LT/HM-45U


over ear uni-directional condenser

Nady UHF-4 LT/O


Omnidirectional condenser lavalier microphone

Nady UHF-4 LT/U


Unidirectional condenser lavalier microphone

Nady UHF-4R


Diversity receiver (w/AC-U4 power supply adapter)

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Nady UHF4-Series-Nady




Single channel UHF Diversity wireless systems