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Audio Technica ATW-700 Series

Audio-Technicas 700 Series Freeway wireless delivers professional features and sound quality unheard of in its class.

Nady 1KU-Series-Nady

1000 Channel select UHF dual receiver wireless system for simultaneous operation of multiple microphones and transmitters.

Nady 401XQuad-Series-Nady

Designed for all professional applications, the 401X Quad offer unsurpassed RF and audio, enhanced full-featured operation and rackmount convenience. The 401X Quad system deliver high-end performance at amazingly cost effective prices.

Nady DKW-Series-Nady

DKW-1 is the perfect entry level professional wireless. Delivering clear, transparent, high-fidelity audio, this systems can be used for a broad range of singing and speaking applications karaoke and recreational singers, DJ's, auction

Nady Encore-Series-Nady

VHF wireless systems w/single channel receiver for use w/2 transmitters simultaneously

Nady U81Octavo-Series-Nady

Microphone system consists or a U-81 OCTAVO receiver, AC/DC power supply, and choice of eight HT-8U handheld or eight BT-HU lavalier or headset bodypack transmitters with detachable microphones.

Nady UHF3-Series-Nady

The latest breakthrough in affordable UHF wireless with state-of-the-art features for the demanding professional on a limited budget. Operates on single frequencies in the wide-open, uncluttered UHF 470 - 510MHz band

Nady UHF4-Series-Nady

Single channel UHF Diversity wireless systems

Nady UWS100-Series-Nady

Instrument system consists of a UWS-100 DigiTRU Diversity receiver, AC-U100 power supply, UBT-100/GT bodypack transmitter and IC-1KU detachable instrument cable. Microphone system consists of a UQS-100 DigiTRU Diversity receiver, AC-U1

Nady VR-Series-Nady

151-351VR systems consist of a 151VR or 351VR VHF receiver, and choice of WHT handheld, or WLT lavalier or headset bodypack transmitter with microphones, and 3.5mm mini plug audio cable. VR-3U systems consist of a VR-3U UHF receiver, a

Nady WS16U-Series-Nady

POSTED FOR INFORMATION ONLY. PRODUCT DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER Instrument system consists of a WS-16U diversity receiver, AC-WS power supply, BT-16U bodypack transmitter and IC-U2 detachable instrument cable. Microphone systems cons

Shure PGW-Series-Shure

A comprehensive first step into professional wireless, Performance Gear Wireless is engineered to the same uncompromising quality standards as PGX, SLX, and UHF-R. Combining superior Shure sound quality and stage-proven endurance with

Shure PGX-Series-Shure

Combining rugged, trusted Shure microphones with proven wireless technology, Shure PGX delivers professional quality sound and true freedom of movement for vocalists, musicians, and presenters. With extended range and long battery life

Shure SLX-Series-Shure

Sound installations and working bands need powerful wireless tools that can be set up quickly and used confidently. Shure's rugged SLX® Wireless Systems exceed these demands with innovative setup features such as auto frequency scan wi

Shure ULXP24-Series

Step up to ULX Professional wireless, UHF systems for working musicians and professional sound installers. Multiple system configurations provide limitless options, each with a choice of legendary Shure microphones, or instrument cable

Nady American Starpower X2

Cardioid Dynamic. System concsists of an AS-X2 receiver, AC-X2 power supply, and two AS-X2 handheld microphones, 9V battery and 6'connecting cord.