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Andrea Nc-181
Audio Technica - MB 2k
Instrument Microphones
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Audio Technica - AE2500
Audio Technica AE2500
Cardioid condenser and dynamic dual0element instrument microphone.
Audio Technica - AE3000
Audio Technica AE3000
Hi-SPL large diaphragm cardioid condenser instrument microphone
Audio Technica - AE5100
Audio Technica AE5100
Large diaphragm cardioid condenser instrument microphone.
Audio Technica - MB 2k
Audio Technica MB 2k
Unidirectional dynamic instrument microphone
Audio Technica - MB 4k
Audio Technica MB 4k
Cardioid condenser, extended-response, studio-quality vocal and instrument microphone.
Audio Technica - PRO-63
Audio Technica PRO-63
Cardioid dynamic instrumentl microphone. For low impendance inputs.
Audio Technica - PRO-70
Audio Technica PRO-70
Cardioid condenser lavalier/instrument microphone. For vocal and acoustic guitar applications.
Blue - Ball
Blue Ball
Cardioid Microphone- Phantom powered dynamic for stage and studio usage. Live PA, Drums, guitar cabinets and bass cabinets
Blue - BC-B1
Blue BC-B1
Bottle cap, B1 capsule
Blue - BC-B3
Blue BC-B3
Bottle cap, B3 capsule
55 Products / 1 through 10



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