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MM Series
Part Number - CBM-1
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CBM-1 - Classic Battery/Filter Module (Black Only)
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MM Series CBM-1

MM Series CBM-1

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CBM-1 - Classic Battery/Filter Module (Black Only)
The Classic battery module (CBM-1) is a self-contained power/filter unit capable of providing the microphone(s) with necessary voltage for increased dynamic range and superior overall performance.
The CBM-1's battery module which has no bass roll off (bass reduction) is recommended where the recorded sound has little or moderate bass content. Constructed of High-Quality High-Impact (Frabs) plastic box (color is black) measuring 3.9" x 1.9" x .80". It has brass threaded inserts with phillips machine screws-ideal for opening/closing frequently. The classic battery module is hand made with top quality components to ensure long life and excellent recordings!



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