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MM Series
Part Number - FGNC-1M
Our Price:...$99.00
Flexible Gooseneck "Mono" (Uni-directional) Microphone (20-20Khz)
MM Series FGNC-1M

MM Series FGNC-1M

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Flexible Gooseneck "Mono" (Uni-directional) Microphone (20-20Khz)
The (MM-FGNC-1-M) is a totally flexible gooseneck uni-directional (cardioid) "mono" microphone. Your choice of gooseneck arm length from 3" to 7" (sizes move in 1/2" increments) at "NO" additional cost!
Features & Benefits:
• Flat frequency response
• Premium windscreen
• Can be used with one of our battery modules or plugged directly into your recorder.
• Life-time warranty included!
The (MM-FGNC-1-M) is constructed with state of the art components to ensure long life and excellent recordings. This rugged microphone offer a lot more than your basic mic. You can easily adjust your positioning by bending the arm to meet your recording needs! When adjusted, the microphone arms will stay put in any set position! Unit comes in a very subtle matte-black finish and terminates into a 1/8" (3.5 mm) stereo mini-plug(dual-channel mono). These microphones produce a natural, crisp sound that provides deep bass, smooth mid-range and clean high-range with a typical frequency response of +/-2dB. Microphone can be easily plugged into any minidisc, DAT or analog recorder that supplies a bias voltage of between 1.5 to 10 volts D.C. (also known as plug-in-power) at the microphone input jack.
Technical Specifications:
• Frequency response: 20- 20Khz.
• Signal to Noise Ratio: Greater than 60 dB
• Open Circuit Sensitivity: -50 dB
• Maximum Input Sound Level: 120 dB SPL, 1Khz at 1% T.H.D. (130 dB when powered by one of our battery modules)



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