VXI Parrott Jamaica USB headset is the first in a series of fully functional Universal Serial Bus (USB) Digital microphone systems from VXI. This Plug & Play headset connects directly to the computer via USB and includes the VXI PARROTT Translator for universal compatibility to PC & Mac Platforms.

Jamaica offers noise canceling microphone, coupled with award winning Translator technology, which enables any Windows or Macintosh computer, including Apple G4, iMac and iBook, to implement voice-based applications through the USB port. Applications such as speech recognition, with specific support for IBM ViaVoice, Dragon Systems and L&H software offerings; voice command and control; VoIP (Voice over the Internet), video conferencing, voice recording, voice chat and on-line gaming are all possible with the maximum voice clarity available on the PC with the VXI Jamaica USB Headset.

Installation couldn't be easier, with software drivers already available from within either operating system, all you need to do is plug in and go. Windows and Macintosh users both can take advantage of plug-and-play, which means there is no need to shut down, restart or sleep your computer when you want to unplug your headset. A USB connector is provided for the digital microphone, and a single 3.5mm plug connects the analog earphone to the sound output jack. The Jamaica draws only 30mA from the USB port; therefore there is no need for external power.

Long-term use and wearing comfort have been designed specifically into the Jamaica. The adjustable ratchet headband is fully enclosed to eliminate user's hair being caught. The temple pad is soft and fully adjustable. The flexible microphone boom holds its position, while the microphone windscreen is small enough to be unobtrusive. The Jamaica is made of ABS plastic for maximum durability and is styled in a fashionable graphite color with a black stainless steel flexible headband. The connecting cords are very durable and strong yet lightweight, a key point for a long-term investment.

Maximum voice clarity, VXI Parrott Translator technology, USB port connectivity, and a low cost — only from VXI BMIC USB Headsets.

Parrott Translator

USB Plug

Product Features
Headband Adjustable ratchet headband
Type Monaural
Cord Spiral shielded construction with polyethylene
End Connector Mic: Four-conductor USB plug.
Speaker: 3.5 mm plug wired with signal on tip and ground on sleeve.
Weight Lightweight
Boom Positioning compliant; swivels 270
Speaker Dynamic; 27 mm diameter
System Requirements Windows® 2000 ; Windows® 98, Second Edition; Macintosh® OS 9.0.4


Technical Specifications
Type Monaural
SPL 90 dB @ 1 kHz, 0.22 V input
Impedance 32 Ohms
Frequency response 100 Hz to 6.3 kHz
Rated input power 10 mW continuous, 100 mW peak
Type Noise Canceling electret
Sensitivity -54dB @ 1kHz (defined 1" from talkside, 83dB SPL), low distortion optimized for constant output at voice frequencies.
Frequency Response 80Hz - 10kHz
Output impedance 1.8k Ohms typical
Parrott Jamaica


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