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USB Adapters How To guide

How to choose USB Adapters.

Computer USB Headsets are generally the easiest way to get good quality audio into your computer.

Computer USB Headsets come with their own Soundcard inside of the USB electronics. This usually ensures a good solid low noise connection from your microphone to your computer.

USB Headsets tend to have a hotter/stronger/amplified sound to your computer. For Speech applications including voice recognition, Skype, Internet Chat and Gaming it's usually a safe bet. If you have a high-end sound card, then the soundcard, then you don't need USB.




Generic Ipad-Iphone-USB-Adapter

USB Connection Kit And Memory Card Reader For Apple iPad and iPhone

Dragon USB Adapter - Stock

Dragon / Nuance OEM USB Adapter. This USB Dongle converts your regular plugin headset into a USB connector. Compatible with all Dragon/Nuance headsets.

Andrea Electronics USB-SA

External Digital Sound Card

Andrea Electronics USB-MA

PureAudio USB-MA USB Digital Audio PC Microphone Adapter

Sennheiser UUSB1

Superior USB adapter for computer headsets.


Full Duplex USB Pod Medium Signal

Plantronics DA40

USB to quick disconnect adapter

Sennheiser BTD-800-USB

Bluetooth USB transmitter/receiver, the BTD 800 USB dongle is in combination with the PRESENCE UC or the Mobile Business Pro Series headsets a high quality Bluetooth system

Acoustic Magic USB Adapter

USB Line-In Adapter for line level devices.

Zoom ZoomSwitch

With the Zoom Switch, you can connect your existing office headset (or your telephone handset receiver) to your computer via the USB port. Toggle between your computer and your telephone at the touch of a button. It's simple and powerful!

Plantronics DA55

DA55 includes a USB-to-headset adapter with digital signal processing (DSP) for Crisp, Clear Sound.

SpeechWare SpeechMatic-USB-Adapter

SpeechMatic Multi USB Adapter makes it's debut. Auto Gain Control, Noise Canceling Filters and more.