Olympus DS Series

Olympus DS Series Professional Dictation Recorders.

Olympus DS Series Products

Olympus DS-2500


THIS REPLACES THE OLYMPUS DS-2400 Voice Actuator recording mode recorders only when sound is detected ensuring you re only recording what is needed. 2 GB SD card, expandable to 32 GB.

Olympus DS-3400


The DS-3400 provides high-quality performance in an easy to use device perfect for professionals on the go.

Olympus DS-3500


Push Button Operation, DSS/ DS2/ PCM/ MP3 recording format, QP/SP mode. File Encryption and decryption. 2 GB microSD Card for internal memory.

Olympus DS-7000


Slide switch, DSS/DS2 recording format, QP/SP mode, file encryption and decryption. 2GB microSD card for internal memory

Olympus DS-7000/AS-7000


Dictation and Transcription Kit using the most advanced DSS Player Pro 7 Software

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Olympus DS Series


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Olympus DS Series Professional Dictation Recorders.