Desktop Dictation Microphone Recorders

in Digital Recorders


Philips LFH4400SR

SpeechExec Pro Dictate, includes SR module

Grundig DigtaProMic840CL

Recently discontinued, we've found 10 in stock. Great performance and compatible with all Dragon software. Includes button programming CD and support. Great buy for those who get in. A Handheld and Desktop in one USB Multifunctional

Olympus DR-1000

The DR-1000 is one of the first desktop dictation tools introduced by Olympus (DOES NOT HAVE SOFTWARE)

Olympus DR-2000

A perfect combination of professional features and a simple, portable design. (DOES NOT HAVE SOFTWARE)

Olympus DR-1200

A stylish design in an easy-to-use package enhances operability.

Olympus DR-2200

A great collaboration between technology and handling.

Olympus DR-2300

Slide switch, Track ball, 5 Program Buttons, direct recording to PC or MAC, playback volume control.

Philips LFH3200

SpeechMike III (Push Button)

Philips LFH3210

SpeechMike III (Slide Switch)

Philips LFH3500

NEW! SpeechMike Premium USB dictation microphone with Push Button Operation

Olympus DR2000 Executive

Handheld USB microphone. Includes DSS Player Pro software. Push button professional recorder with ds2 and dss record capabilities, includes usb cable, 1 gig SD card, case, dss pro R5

Philips LFH3205

SpeechMike III (Push Button) with SpeechExecSR Pro Dictate.

Philips LFH3215

SpeechMike III (Slide Switch) with SpeechExecSR Pro Dictate.

Dictaphone PowerMicII

Dictaphone PowerMic II without barcode Scanner.

Philips LFH3000

SpeechMike Air Push Button

Philips LFH3010

SpeechMike Air Slide Switch (rec,stop,play,rew)

Philips LFH3300

SpeechMike III Barcode (Push Button).

Philips LFH3310

SpeechMike III with barcode reader (SlideSwitch).

Philips LFH3005

SpeechMike Air Push Button (LFH3000/00) w/Pro Dictate

Philips LFH3015

SpeechMike Air Slide Switch (LFH3010/00) w/Pro Dictate

Philips LFH3600

NEW! SpeechMike Premium USB dictation microphone; Push Button Operation with an Integrated Barcode Scanner

Philips LFH3610

NEW! SpeechMike Premium USB dictation microphone; Slide-Switch Operation with an Integrated Barcode Scanner